Barbary Coast Slots

Prepare yourself when you decide to embark on a journey with Barbary Coast Slots, because you will enter a world that is not suitable for landlubbers and weak man. The notorious captain Blackbeard and his band of ruthless pirates only tolerate real salty seadogs on their ship. If you feel that you're up for the pirate life and if you want to plunder and pillage the Barbary Coast until no doubloon is left behind, then it is time to board their pirate vessel before it sets sail.

Adventure awaits those who dare to embark on this ruthless journey. Ships will be hijacked, booty will be excavated, landlubbers will successfully be robbed of their gold, and the fair maiden will of course be kidnapped. You will get to see the blue color of the sea, the red color of blood and the golden color of doubloons if you manage to be as ruthless and merciless in your pursuit of riches as Blackbeard and his swashbuckling comrades.

During many spinning adventures on the sea, you will encounter all kinds of exciting and action packed features. For example you get to blast the center slot reel to pieces with a cannon in order to trigger the Barbary wild reel feature, and your parrot will reel in those precious free spins matey. The high seas await you so down that bottle of rum, buckle your swords, powder your gun and set sail towards countless amounts of pirate booty.

Let Betsoft Introduce You to the Real Pirate's Life

You will feel like a real pirate when you play this game. The whole spinning experience takes place on a ship that is loaded with cannons, pirates and barrels. The slot symbols are animated so they will entertain you during your pursuit for the gold. All in all, Betsoft has done a good job in taking you to the high seas with its pirate themed slot title. And keep in mind that this is not a cartoonish display of the pirate life. These swashbucklers are the real deal. That means that things will get rough, but they will also get profitable in the end.

Become a Captain of the Slot Reels

With options like 'choose coin' ($0.02 to $1.00), 'bet per line', 'select lines' (1 to 30) and 'autoplay', you have access to enough useful game adjustment choices to make your spinning sessions unforgettable, no matter if you're an inexperienced budget playing landlubber or a seasoned and salted high roller. Plan the perfect betting strategy, hit the 'spin' button and become a captain of the slot reels.

Juicy Line Payouts for Booty Hunting Swashbucklers

Make juicy line payouts with detailed pirate themed symbols. You find the line payout overview in the pay table. This pay table opens up when you click on 'view pays' in the main game screen. The beautiful maiden is the first icon on the pay table that will draw your attention. Her beautiful face will attract you, but also her top payout of 300 credits. The next icon on the pay table is a skull that is placed on two swords. It is a scary logo but it is worth a top prize of 250 credits. More pirate booty can be claimed with a chest that is overflowing with doubloons. You want to see it 5 times on the reels, because then it gives away 250 of those coins.

Your pile of booty will increase even more if you also manage to place the golden coins symbol on the reels. A 5 times hit means a 225 casino credit reward. The gun will also help you gain profits. It comes with a maximum win of 175 credits. Then there is the compass, which not only helps you to navigate the salty seas, but also leads you to a top prize of 150 credits. Furthermore, the hand that points to the map also points to profits. 125 credits can be gained from this symbol. You can also use the cannon to blast your way to profits. 100 credits can be won with this reel attribute. Lastly, you will get to spin the barrel, and it will give you a top reward of 50 credits. Your win-line payouts from all of these symbols are attached to a line bet multiplier. Also, the payouts will only be granted when you line up the symbols in rows that have a left to right set up.

Claim Free Spins With Three or More Parrots

Parrots trigger free spins in this game, and they also hand out instant bonus wins. You need to see at least three of these colorful birds on random reel spots to trigger the feature. During the free spins round, you cannot trigger other special game perks. Also, no extra complimentary spins are awarded when the free spins round is active.

The Center Reel Is Your Target for a Wild Reel Feature Hit

Place the cannon attribute on slot reel number three and blast your way to the very exciting wild reel feature. You will take the wild reel to the next reel spin.

Spin Three or More Ben Sawyer Attributes and Play the Click Me Feature

Ben Sawyer is your ticket to the click me feature. Make sure that you spin him three times. You can land him on any reel and any position in order to open up the feature. Instant bonus credits will be your reward during the bonus.

Swing Your Sword for Profits in the Fight Bonus

Blackbeard can of course not be left out in a pirate themed slot game. You find him on the reels, and when you see him at least three times on active pay-lines, it means that you've won yourself a ticket to the daring fight bonus. In this bonus round, you will have a sword fight with the infamous Blackbeard himself. The pirate has taken your pretty maiden, and is up to you to beat Blackbeard and rescue her. You will also take home some instant credits when you win the fight.

Drink a Worker Under the Table in the Grog Challenge Bonus Round

Place a symbol row of three or more workers on activated win-lines and proceed to the grog challenge bonus round. In this round, you participate in a pirate drink off with the worker. As a real pirate, you will of course drink him under the table and claim your prize.

Become a Rich and Salty Seadog

You have probably heard of many infamous pirates, but the swashbucklers that you're going to meet in Barbary Coast Slots are certainly a band apart. These pirates have found their way to the vast sea that is called the World Wide Web, and there is even more booty to gain on this online free haven for determined profit hunters. All you need to do is follow your online compass until it leads you to a Betsoft casino that has this slot title treasure buried in its game collection. Dig it up from the game assortment and start to plunder its vast amount of coins. With a bit of luck, you will sail home with more booty than you could have ever imagined. It is all there for the taking and so is all the fun and excitement. So say your landlubber life goodbye and become a rich and salty seadog in Barbary Coast Slots.