Slots Angels

If you always have had the feeling that you were born to spin, then it is about time that you become a member of the infamous biker boys gang from Slots Angels. These wild and free individuals love to rumble through the dessert on their heavy motorcycles, always in search for that massive progressive jackpot that gives them financial freedom as well.

You will become a honorable gang member, which means that you're allowed to join the other members while they hang out in the dive bar and race with each other on the highways. And when you turn on the engine of this game and its reels start to spin, you will hear the soundtrack of your new slot machine biker life that blasts out of the speakers:

"Riding' down the highway, Feeling' like a king, On my way to winning'... Winning' everything. I can feel it inside me, I can feel it a lot, Very soon I'll be playing', Playing' some slots!"

A Rough Game With a Smooth Design

The bikers and their environment might be a bit rough around the edges, but they are displayed in a very smooth manner in this online slot machine. This is a slot machine from Betsoft Gaming, and as usual, you are treated to the sight of a very detailed game screen with many colors, clear graphics, lively animations and convenient game play functions.

Spin Non-Feature Biker Symbols

Click on the 'view pays' key if you like to see an overview of the non-feature symbol payouts from Slots Angels. These symbols are all related to the theme of the game so you will see the bikers, and also items or places that are important elements in their life. The pay table starts with the big biker and his 300 credit top reward, which you receive in return of spinning him 5 times on the reels. Biker number two is thin and he has long hair. This figure rewards you with 200 credits when you spin him 5 times. The pretty biker girls also shows up on the pay table, and she is prepared to give you 100 credits in return of 5 reel hits.

The bar is always an important place in a biker's life and it is also an important attribute for you in this game, because it has a top payout value of 75 credits. Of course, the motorcycles can also not be left out. They are good for a maximum gift of 50 credits. The golden lighter is another indispensable biker item. It provides fire for the biker, but it provides 40 credits for you if it hits a full row on the screen. Billiard balls can also be spun on the reels, and they hit you with a top prize of 40 credits. Lastly, there is the money clipper with the skull and the name of the game printed on it. Spin it 5 times and take the top prize of 20 credits from the clipper.

You earn the payouts from these symbols when you line them up in rows that lead from the left side of the reel to the right side. Win-line pays will be given a multiplier top up that is based on the line wager.

Celebrate Your Extra Wins and Go Wild in the Party Free Spins Mode

You can earn yourself a wild free spins party with the help of a bottle attribute. Land three or more of these bottles on any spot that is positioned on slot reels one, two, three, four and five, to launch the party free spins mode. Reel number three will transform into a wild while you are playing with free spins. Also the biker boys will be there to cheer for you while the reels are turning for free.

Pick the Right Board in the Darts Click Me Feature

Place three dartboard attributes on any reel one, two and five spot to open the darts click me feature. In this feature, you have to pick one dartboard from a set of three. You will then find out what kind of profitable win is attached to it.

Multiply Your Profits With the Reel Res-Pin Feature

Be prepared to receive even more coins whenever you make a win. Every time that you land a successful symbol combination on the slot reels, the credit reward will be handed out, and reel number three will then re-spin so that you have an opportunity to claim more rewards. There is a multiplier display at the top right side of the screen, and it will increase every time that a re-spin takes place. As a maximum, you can claim five times win multipliers, and you can continue to do so until you fail to land a winning symbol combination on the screen.

Put Your Money on the Fastest Driver in a Biker Race Bonus Round

The lead biker drives you to the bonus round if you spin him three times on the screen. Every position on reels one, two and five is valid. There is a biker race taking place in the bonus round, and you need to guess who the winner will be among the three contestants. Who will take the lead during the race and what will be your biker's final place at the finish line. Both of these race elements can earn you credits.

Go Full Throttle With Your Bets and Claim the Progressive Jackpot

This game has a progressive jackpot, and you can spin the big biker on the reels in a quantity of five to claim it. All of these big biker symbols need to land on pay-line one, and you need to play with a maximum bet. Furthermore, you can only claim jackpot rewards during main slot reel spins, so there will be no jackpot prize win when you make 5 hits on the center reel during re-spin sessions or during the free spins feature.

Double up the Profits During a Coin Toss

The opportunity to double up profits arises whenever you finish a winning spin and the follow-up re-spin. The profits can then be doubled during a coin toss minigame. You have to select 'double up' on the game screen in order to start this minigame. The 'double up' button is placed under the regular spin key.

The big biker will be your host during the coin toss feature. You pick heads or tails and he will toss the coin. Your cash reward doubles in value if the coin lands on the side that you predicted, but the reward will be gone when you make the wrong guess. Lastly, note that this minigame is not available when you just played with jackpot wins, the click me feature, the bonus round or free spins.

Be Bad to the Bone and Rich to the Core

With a bit of luck, you can become bad to the bone and rich to the core when you play Slots Angels from Betsoft Gaming. This slot machine is packed with awesome game elements like the party free spins mode, the darts click me feature and the biker Race bonus round so you will have enough options to go wild with it. Visit your favorite Betsoft casino, turn on your game engine, fuel it with coins and race towards the biggest profits in this motorcycle gang themed slot spectacle.