Mad Scientist Slots

Release the crazy scientist in yourself by playing Mad Scientist Slots from renowned online slot machine developer Betsoft Gaming. Go cuckoo on the formulas, calculations and experiments in order to create great cash wins that will make you scream eureka and jackpot. Scientists do experiments and research for the benefit of humans, but with this game, you are mostly going to make benefits for yourself when you start to reel in those big cash wins. Use your brain effectively and you might come up with the long sought after formula that turns everything into gold.

Make Perfect Wins With the Right Symbol Combinations

Symbols need to be placed on active pay-lines in order for you to make them profitable. They also need to be placed in left to right rows, and you should always aim to make such symbol row combinations with five reel attributes, because those are the reel hits that will payout the biggest rewards. There are lots of symbols in this game that you can use to trigger wins. These are all symbols that are connected to the theme of the game. You can view the available reel attributes in the pay table, which can be accessed if you click on 'view pays' at the top right side of the main game screen.

Let the electricity symbol electrify you with its high voltage win of no less than 1000 credits. The atomic model will also grant a big win with is high prize of 500 coins, and the microscope will enlarge your profits with a top prize of 200 coins. Furthermore, you can also put yourself in real danger of winning a big amount of money with the danger, high voltage symbol. Don't say you were not warned when you are struck by its top prize of 100 credits. Then there is the high voltage attribute, which is able to turn up the maximum coin voltage limit to 50. This logo is also able to turn a row full of attributes into wilds. Hence, it is properly called the Wild'o'Cution icon. The test tube has a proper monster of 25 credits ready for you, and the gigawatts meter is able to point out a maximum win of 10 credits.

Trigger Special Features With Special Symbols

Besides the non-feature symbols, you also get to play with a switch icon. Land it three times so that you are able to pull the switch that triggers the scatter payout. Another set of test tubes are also present on the reels. These scatter test tubes need to be landed on the reels in a quantity of three. You will then trigger the second screen bonus round. Lastly, there is the bio pick me icon, which is able to reward you with a direct profit hit of 175 credits.

Go Crazy on the Wins With Mad Scientist Slots

Mad Scientist Slots is available as a free version that can be played if you're just in it for the fun or for a few practice slot spins, but it is, of course, also available as a real money version, in which you can go crazy on the bets and the cash wins. Pick your play style and start to experiment with winning and spinning strategies. Before you know it, you hit the jackpot with the creation of a major win that will make you go crazy out of sheer excitement.