Under the Bed Slots

What kind of monsters hide under the bed and wait for an opportunity to creep into the room when the lights go out? It could be that you've asked yourself that question when you were a child. If those scary childhood memories still give you the shivers, then it is time for a change of feelings and thoughts. Under the Bed Slots will provide those much wanted changes. Although it deals with the familiar child fear theme of dark bedrooms that are the perfect hiding places for ugly looking monsters, it does adds a lot of fun and prize winning opportunities to the mix. With the presence of these positive elements, you will likely be attracted to relive your childhood memories while you enter that scary bedroom again. There, you will search for profits and confront those scary monsters.

In that bedroom, you will also find two young kids who go by the names of Jesse and Jane. They are alone in their dark bedroom during the night, and they ask themselves the familiar questions. What kind of creepy monsters lurk in the shadows of the room and in the darkness under the bed? Strange and disturbing rustles and other noises make the situation even more tense for the two cute little kids. Will they be able to overcome their fears for the monsters? You have to join them in that creepy room if you want to find out.

But don't worry, the experience will most likely be a lot more fun and exciting then you might think. Under the Bed Slots will take your fears for monsters away and replace them with positive thrills about exciting gambling features, captivating cinematic visuals and great graphics. Features like free spins, sticky wilds, a bonus round and a chance to win no less than 105000 credits, will make you forget about any fears and get you all excited. All in all, slot machine developer Betsoft Gaming lets you experience a roller-coaster ride of emotions with its monster themed game. And when this company is behind the wheels, you know you're in for a monstrously good ride.

Marvel at a Monstrously Good Design

Although there might be a couple of freaky monsters roaming and slithering around in the dark bedroom of Under the Bed Slots, its atmosphere actually looks really inviting. That is, if you like your games a little bit dark and creepy. The attention to detail is something you can count on when you play Betsoft Gaming titles. The colorfully designed game looks visually appealing, and its animations are really lifelike.

For example, you will see the 3D animated kids on the bottom ride sight of the reels. There, they shiver and watch anxiously how you spin the symbols on the reels, while strange looking monster try to sneak up on them from every corner of the screen. Animations can also be seen on the five available slot machine reels. These symbol animations are really captivating and well designed. They show scary scenes from inside the room. For example, you will see how the monsters try to scare the kids, or how their mother turns off the bedroom light. All this visual slot game delight is accompanied by atmospheric sounds and music elements that further manage to set the mysterious and creepy mood of the game.

Place Your Bets and Pull Those Cash Rewards out of the Shadows

This is a slot machine that might scare you with its theme, but it will not scare you with its straightforward game adjustment options and its flexible wager possibilities. Really low bets can be placed as well as high ones. So you will be satisfied as a high rolling and a budget player. The 'choose coin' option is on the bottom left side of the screen. You can choose the coin values $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 and $1.00.

Furthermore, there are 30 pay-lines in this game. You can determine with how many of them you like to play via the 'paylines' plus and minus icons next to the 'choose coin' option. Between 1 and 30 pay-lines can be activated. It is also possible to determine the bets per line with the 'bet per line' plus and minus buttons. The minimum bet per line is one and the maximum is five. If all the game play elements are set to a maximum, you will make a total bet of 150. You can also make top bets with the help of the 'max bet spin' button that is placed next to the regular spin button.

Also, if you don't like to push at buttons all the time, you can click on 'auto play' so that the reels will spin on autopilot mode. There is also a 'double up' option that can lead you to the dice roll game when wins are made. Lastly, on the top right side of the screen, you see the 'options' button and the 'view pays' button. Click on options if you like to make changes to, for example, the sound or the graphics. Click on 'view pays' if you like to learn more about the game's payout system, its rules and its special features.

Boost Your Bankroll With Well Designed and Animated Non-Feature Symbols

Take a peek at the view pays screen and you will see that great prizes can be won with the non-feature symbols from this game. Spin them on the reels and sufficiently boost your bankroll. The little girl hands out the biggest prizes. Spin her five times and you receive no less than 500 credits. The little boy is close behind in terms of payouts. He grants you a top reward of 400 credits if you land him 5 times on the screen. Third in line are the parents. Aim for a five times parents hit to get your hands on their top prize of 300 credits.

The same top prize is given away by the one-eyed monster. The flying, many-eyed monster has more eyes but gives a slightly lower reward. Nonetheless, his top payout is still a fine 200 coin reward. The little green creep with the big ears can give you a total of 100 coins, and the big monster with the long bird-like beak is attached to a maximum reward of 75 credits. The bedside lamp follows next, and hands out a maximum reward of 50 coins. The open window is the lowest paying icon on the pay table. It will only give you 25 credits if you spin it 5 times. All the combinations need to be made out of left to right symbol rows in order for them to reward prizes. Line payouts will be multiplied by line wagers.

As you can see, the monsters in this game are nothing to be afraid at. You actually want them to roam around on the screen, because when they show their ugly faces, the beautiful coin rewards will soon follow.

Benefit From Extended Wild Symbol Spins

This game shows you monster symbols that have a rim around them. A combination of rimmed monster symbols will launch the sticky wild perk. The rimmed attributes will then turn and reveal a randomly numbered wild icon. The position of the icon stays wild until you've made as much spins as are displayed on the wild.

Shiver and Win in the Second Screen Bonus Feature

The bed icon will lead you to the bonus round. For the bonus round to launch, its triggering symbol needs to be spun at least three times. During the bonus game, you accompany Jesse and Jane while they fight off real monsters that slither into the dark room from their hiding place under the bed.

Get Free Spins and Earn More Wins

The free spins feature will be unlocked when you land the mysterious door attribute on the center spot of slot reel three. In total, you can earn 12 complimentary spins during your creepy adventure in the monster infested bedroom.

The Double up Feature Will Give You Extra Thrills

When you manage to place a non-feature, winning symbol row on the slot machine reels, you become eligible to play a double up game in which your winnings can be doubled. Click on 'double up' at the bottom right corner of the game screen and guess if the dice roll will turn into an even or an odd number. You can continue playing this game for as long as you keep making the right guess. When the guess is wrong, you will return to the normal game. Keep in mind that you cannot play double-up games when you are playing or just played with sticky wilds.

What Kind of Monsters and Treasures Will You Find Under the Bed

Who would have thought that you're biggest childhood fears would turn into your biggest grown up pleasures. Play Under the Bed Slots and discover that there are not only scary monsters under the bed, but also big cash prizes. It is the slot machine magic from Betsoft gaming that manages to turn something scary into something fun and profitable. Have your very own share of fun and profits in online casinos that let you play this entertaining game for free and for real money.