Spinfinity Man Slots

Spinfinity Man is such a cool name for a slot game. It also drops a huge clue to the nature of the theme in action here. Even the word ‘action’ gives you an idea of what to expect.

We had our first glimpse of this game just recently and we liked what we saw. So much so, we decided to give you a full review of it right here. Is it a bird or a plane? No, it’s our game review!

Slot game developer details

The best news to start with is that this game comes from Betsoft. It also represents a departure from their usual game formats. You’ll see why shortly.

Should we expect a demo version of Spinfinity Man?

Yes, as with all other games from Betsoft, this one packs a demo for you to enjoy.

We guess you can figure out the theme for this one

Yes, Spinfinity Man is indeed a superhero. We’ve seen a few games on this topic before, but we think this one is very nice and appealing to try. It also differs from many others we’ve seen.

What is the game design like?

This is a very sharp and modern game with the graphics to match. Expect plenty of color and a great background too. You will get a detailed cityscape here, and Spinfinity Man himself appears on the left of the reels.

Facts about the game

The first thing you will see is a huge game area. This measures 7 x 7 in size, giving you way more reels than you would usually get in a game from Betsoft.

The game doesn’t have a progressive jackpot, but there are some special symbols involved. Details are sketchy at present, but the game will feature wilds and scatters, so you get the chance to benefit from those.

How many paylines are included in this game?

None – the game works on a Cluster Pays format, as you might have guessed given the 7 x 7 formation in action.

What are your betting options?

Since this is a Cluster Pays game, you get the chance to look through the spin bets at the bottom of the reels. Simply choose your preferred amount and use that as your bet for the game.

Where is the Spinfinity Man paytable?

Your balance is shown towards the bottom left corner. Just to the left side of this, you will see an information button. Select that and all the paytable will appear.

Can you trigger a bonus in this game?

It would seem so, although details are sketchy for this new release from Betsoft. We know there are various features to watch for, including a villain called Mr X. That is a predictable name, but the battle between the two will hold you captivated during your time playing the game.

There are chances to score some multipliers here, along with upgraded features such as ray guns and laser beams. There is also the Commissioner’s Prize Wheel to look for.

Are there free spins to look for?

Yes, it looks as if the game does come with some freebies to shoot for if you are fortunate enough to get them.

What is the RTP for Spinfinity Man?

This is unknown at present. We will update once the RTP becomes available.

Our rating for this slot game

It is difficult to rate a slot when you haven’t yet played it. However, going by the appearance of the game and the short promotional video that has been released, we think this could be a solid 8 out of 10 slot… perhaps even a 9 out of 10.

Have we spotted any winners yet?

It’s far too early to know of any fortunate players getting a slice of the action. The game was set for release at the end of May 2019. Since it doesn’t possess a progressive jackpot, we think there may be far less news on this topic than anything else.

Consider practice play mode first

This is a change from the usual games you would expect to see from Betsoft. As such, we would suggest the demo version is the best place to begin. It allows you to assess what you think of Spinfinity Man. It does boast many features, so figuring out how they all work and when they could come into play will help you decide whether to change things up to real play.

Trying to play for real

Spinfinity Man is begging to be played for real, isn’t it? If you want to do so, just be sure the minimum spin bet suits your budget. You can check the values by reviewing the game to see what is on offer.

Look out for the mobile version of Spinfinity Man slots

As a modern release, the Spinfinity Man slot game is all set to play on all platforms and devices.